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I think it’s probably healthier without any sweetener, but was more dessert-ish when we added bet365 เข้า ไม่ ได้ powdered sugar. I’ve made this twice now, with two different kinds of coconut milk, and one did not turn out as well as the other.

So if you make it and it seems like it could be better, perhaps try another brand of coconut milk. Add the cocoa and the powdered sugar to the coconut milk. With a mixer, whip the mixture until fluffy. It takes a couple of minutes- maybe even longer- just keep whipping on the highest speed until it starts fluffing up.

Add the mousse to a frosting bag with a big tip. Pipe into sprinkle rimmed shot glass. I didn’t know it until after we tried this, but coconut chocolate mousse appears to be quite the pinterest sensation. Have any of you tried this?

I wonder if it’d be good with some coconut flakes on top for garnish? YES to the coconut flakes on top. Can you tell me what is on the top of the shot glasses? Hey Kimberly- the shot glasses are rimmed with gold sprinkles.

Autumn and I tried this, and it turned out awful! It didn’t set up at all, and I didn’t think it tasted very good. We even tried putting it in the freezer to see if that would help. I’m not sure I’d try this again.