Cแฮรี่ พอตเตอร์ 5

CF ระบุด้วยจ้า Light หรือ Medium . EVXO’s Organic Mineral Mascara is made with the best natural and organic ingredients to keep cแฮรี่ พอตเตอร์ 5 lashes strong, healthy and looking longer than ever! This Natural Mascara is the perfect replacement for your average harmful chemical drugstore mascara! Gentle and non-toxic – You won’t find any artificial colors, harmful preservatives, or fragrances in our Mascara!

This is the best mascara for sensitive eyes! Soft, long, lush lashes – Mineral Mascara Makeup adds volume and length while applying evenly and smoothly with no flakes, clumps or smudges. Apply one coat for a natural finish or add multiple coats for a dramatic look! You can easily maintain your natural beauty with this organic makeup.

Last all day – You won’t need any touch ups with this mascara! This long-lasting mascara applies smoothly and removes easily at the end of the day. Say goodbye to waking up with eye makeup residue on your face and pillows! Hypoallergenic – Formulated for those with sensitive eyes! Эта натуральная тушь для ресниц является идеальной заменой вашей обычной вредной химической туши! Мягкий и нетоксичный – в данной туши нет искусственных красителей, вредных консервантов или ароматизаторов! Это идеальная тушь для чувствительных глаз!