How To Be Shadowburn’s Girlfriend – Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. Shadowburn says you have to be in top dreamkazpers to qualify to be his girlfriend! Everything licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.

Guess he’s only gonna date a support main then prove me wrong! Dose Ps4 top500 count as well? 0:43 when he gets caught fucking a kid. Too bad kazprr can only juke in game. Would’ve been good to juke that 14yr old. I FUCKING GET IT, STREAMERS POP OFF, CAN WE NOT HAVE A VIDEO THAT IS FIVE MINUTES OF DINKING SQUISHIES HEADS?

Je ne t’aime plus, mon amour ! Too bad dreamkapzer couldn’t blast away from prison. You got a typo on your thumbnail. When a hot girl isn’t in top 500.