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Double Click Any Where On The Playing TV Channel To Switch To Full Screen and Click ESC to Exit. History of the FOX News Online channel The Fox News Live Channel was founded on October 7 by Rupert Murdoch, since its inception and to this day Fox Fox thai app Live Channel is the most viewed American news channel and is also known around the world. Over the past 10 years, it was the best news channel, but it was difficult to achieve.

Initially, the foundation of Fox News Live Channel began with the activities of Rupert Murdoch. Rupert previously worked for Sky News and wanted to apply his experience in America. Initially, he wanted to buy CNN, but the deal was not successful. Determined to take on the news channels in the US market, Murdoch decided to create his own channel. Earlier in May 1985, a decision was announced to develop a Merdock Rouert with Marvin Davis, a network of independent stations, so that it could compete with the already well-known news sources at the time: CBS, NBC and ABS. It was planned to do this by purchasing six television stations owned by Metromedia. Murdoch asked him to join his Fox News Live Channel project.

Ailsu needed some time to prepare for the launch of the project, more precisely: five months of 14-hour working days and several weeks of rehearsals before it was launched. Since 1997, the statement says that the FNC has spent 61 million dollars to promote and advertise its brand. FNC regularly takes the best ratings than their main competitors, CNN and MSNBC. Fox News Live since August 2003, has more than 80 million viewers throughout the United States. At the time of launching the channel was 13 million and this figure has significantly increased over the time of the broadcast and the channel.