Free tv online

One of free tv online premiers channels of Pakistan. Samaa TV is serving nation in two dimensions . It has its coverage related to the updated news throughout the world as well as interesting programmes for entertainment.

It is a privately running channel. As Samaa TV live is a private news channel thats why it is not biased in its servings. It is not affiliated with any of the political party or any other religious or governmental entity. Being loyal and neutral it presents its programs specially the news about each and every movement and activity within and outside the country without any offensive modification or undesired editing. Samaa live has its experienced, qualified reporters and journalists throughout the world so that they can inform or aware there nation about the present condition of and about the particular areas of the world.

Not only this, but they are also responsible for presenting the inward picture of the Pakistan in front the outside world. Samaa news TV select its journalists, writer, anchors, reporters after a complex procedure of selection with great care and caution as the quality of the News stuff , image of the channel and its viewership have not to compromise with. Thats why only the selection of deserving and talented candidates is preferred . Samaa TV mobile is also one of the important initiatives of Samaa Live, now it provides its live updates in the form of messages alerts on mobile phone just by subscribing at a particular number one can get information at its ones place on its handset without any difficulty. Samaa live Pakistan is now switching towards radio for on air news in order to facilitate its user and as we know that in this age of technology mobiles become very common gadget.

Any one either belong to upper or lower class of the society has its own mobile phone and mobile phones are now have facility of FM in them . Specially their use by house wives and other workers  who are fond of mobile so now it became a useful tool to aware others from any alarming condition and breaking news. PAKISTAN: This section contain all the information related to Pakistan our own beloved homeland and its present conditions. All the ups and down in it. There is news about political scenario of Pakistan.