Monster hunter thailand

River Monsters is a British and American monster hunter thailand documentary television programme produced for Animal Planet by Icon Films of Bristol, United Kingdom. River Monsters became one of the most-watched, most successful programmes in Animal Planet’s history, and one of the most-viewed series on Discovery Channel too.

In the US, only the shortened version is shown and some animals Jeremy shows are simply cut off. River Monsters travels worldwide with Suffolk-born British host, biologist, adventurer and extreme angler Jeremy Wade to explore rivers and lakes to uncover the creatures behind local folklore and harrowing tales of monster fish. The second season of River Monsters began airing on 24 April 2010, although the first episode, titled “Demon Fish” first appeared on Discovery Channel on 28 March 2010. This season consists of 7 episodes and takes viewers to the River Congo and other far-and-wide locations. The ninth season of River Monsters was announced as the final season.

Jeremy Wade journeys to the heart of Brazil, following reports in which a bus crashes into the Amazon River, and all the passengers are eaten by a pack of red-bellied piranhas. Jeremy arrives at the Kali River in India, where a number of mysterious drownings have occurred. He investigates the possibilities of the culprit being whirlpools or crocodiles, but determines neither fit. Jeremy travels to the Trinity River in Texas, USA to discover the truth behind the alligator gar, a massive predator blamed for horrifying attacks on people. Reports claim this fish is more dangerous than a man-eating shark. The Wels catfish is one of the largest catfish in the world. Medieval reports claim it is an aggressive man eater that will swallow people whole, even small children were found in one’s stomach according to a legend.

The Amazon has a huge amount of river monsters. Anacondas, caimans, piranhas and jaguars all call this place home. Following a report of a fisherman swallowed whole, Jeremy travels to South America in search of the Amazon’s largest catfish, the piraíba. Arriving there, Wade not only tries to catch this monster, but discovers that it belongs to a whole family of Amazonian killers. He catches as many catfish species as he can to prove that these whiskered predators really are the ultimate monsters of this place. Sharks are perhaps the most dangerous and feared of all fish, but these predators are confined to the oceans.

Or maybe not The bull shark, the most dangerous and aggressive shark, has been known to swim miles up rivers. Jeremy follows reports of attacks in rivers near the most populated shores of Australia to find out why and how far these fish swim upstream. Jeremy travels deep into the jungles of the Congo in search of a little-known predator that may be the most terrifying monster of all: the fearsome Goliath tigerfish. This creature combines everything that made all previous river monsters deadly, and even more. Jeremy Wade ventures to the Mekong River in Thailand to find what may be the largest freshwater fish: the giant freshwater stingray. Armed with a 10-inch, venom-coated barb, this fish grows to 16 feet long and its venom has no known antidote. Journeying to Florida in the US, Jeremy encounters the invasive bullseye snakehead, which were introduced to the state from Southeast Asia.