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Sword Art Online II Toonami ออนไลน์ Poster. The second season of Sword Art Online, titled Sword Art Online II, is an anime series adapted from the light novel series of the same title written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec.

Five pieces of theme music are used for this series. The first opening theme is “Ignite” performed by Eir Aoi. Shino Asada, real-life persona of Sinon, is ridiculed by schoolmate Endou, who then is warned away by Shino’s friend Kyōji Shinkawa. After hanging out with Kyōji at a restaurant, Shino returns to her house, where she tries to hold a gun replica, inducing a past memory. In GGO, Kirito becomes baffled that his avatar has feminine qualities. He wanders around the city and spots Sinon, who mistakes him as a girl. Kirito and Sinon arrive in time at the terminals of the General Governor’s Office to register for the BoB.

Kirito leaves his contact information blank, and ends up in the same block as Sinon in the preliminary rounds. Death Gun vows to kill Kirito someday, whether or not he is the “real deal”. Kirito recalls a time when he and his party fought against Laughing Coffin in SAO, feeling anguished that he personally killed three members of Laughing Coffin during the fight. Sinon later finds Kirito stricken with trauma, but he is transferred to his next battle before confiding in her. At home, Kazuto’s sister Suguha Kirigaya shows Kazuto a news article about the BoB, in which Suguha has already found out from Asuna that Kazuto converted from ALO to GGO. Kirito assures Suguha to not worry about him, since he will return to ALO as soon as he finishes his work in GGO.

Kirito believes that Death Gun will be under the guise of an alias and use the tournament to stage another murder. Sinon later explains to Kirito the rules and regulations of the battle royale round of the BoB, and she says that there are three players other than him out of thirty players who have not participated in the previous tournaments. Sinon attempts to shoot Death Gun, but he dodges the bullet and kills Pale Rider with his pistol. Asuna, Leafa, Klein, Silica, Lisbeth and Yui also realize that Death Gun is a part of Laughing Coffin.

Sinon deduces that Death Gun traveled underwater in the river, while Kirito says that Death Gun headed north. Asuna logs out of ALO to find Kikuoka for answers. Kirito intercepts Death Gun, injuring him with a sniper rifle and chasing him off with a smoke grenade. Kirito carries Sinon to a buggy rental station and commandeers a buggy, while telling her to shoot the only functional mechanical horse to make it unusable. Kirito tells Sinon that he is trying to accept the weight of his traumatic memories as a means of closure. Kirito and Sinon try to figure out how Death Gun is able to shoot a player in the virtual world and kill the same player in the real world.

With twenty-four players dead and five players alive, Kirito speculates that there may be more accomplices of Death Gun who are committing murder in the real world. Kirito and Sinon believe that Yamikaze may be another target for Death Gun. With that in mind, Kirito goes out in the desert as bait and waits for either Yamikaze or Death Gun to attack him. Kyōji manages to inject Kazuto in the chest with the syringe, but Shino bashes Kyōji unconscious with a stereo record player, before finding out that Kazuto had a hospital electrode still stuck on his chest which protected him from the syringe. This episode recapitulates all of the events chronologically revolving around Sinon.

At the entrance to Thrymheim, the group is determined to succeed in the quest in order to prevent Thrym from invading Alfheim and causing the cataclysmic event Ragnarok to happen. The group engages in battle against Thrym, overwhelming him with their attacks, but he soon retaliates. Among the pile of gold, Kirito finds a golden hammer and tosses it to Freyja, who suddenly transforms into Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Asuna logs out of ALO and has dinner with her mother Kyouko Yuuki, who shows high concern for Asuna’s education, wanting her to go to college to have a successful career and future husband. Asuna storms out when Kyouko states that Kazuto is an unsuitable husband.